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Friday, 13 April 2018

Monitor someone's whatsapp account from your with this simple trick

Sometimes you feel the urge just to know what your friend is up to on Whatsapp and you want to be following them like a monitoring spirit  Or you just want to be sure your girlfriend isn't texting other guys 樂樂 
WhatScan is a simple app that'll help you do that easily. 
 Note: Afrihot is not responsible for any action you do with the information on this post. You will bear full responsibility for your actions

After downloading the app, get the person's phone. 
It's time to do some spy work. 
Launch Whatsapp on the person's phone
Go to the menu and select Whatsapp web
Now launch WhatScan on your phone and scan the barcode from the person's phone(disconnnect any already connected device displayed on the person's phone)
Wait for the scan to finish.
Now you have the person's chat on the whatscan app on your phone.
It's as simple as that.

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