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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to impress a girl without talking to her

This 3 Step trick will surely work!
First of all - Don't impress her. Impress her friends.
Talk to her friends.
As you're not focused eventually on her friends so it'll be easy for you to talk to them. Start formally. And talk to the friends without talking to her. 
Make sure you act as of you are not ignoring her intentionally.

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Become famous among them
Slowly start being humorous and witty with her friend and be a little popular among them. Visit the friends often. Get your mutual friends compliment you in front of them without your presence - Don't be extravagant.
Twists and Tweaks
Be in a Off-and-on state with her. Sometime say 'Hi' to her. Sometimes when you roam around just don't look at her as if you are not intensionally ignoring her - just as you're busy.
This will make her think what are you up to. She'll be confused.
And her friends praising her and her confusions. Towards you will apparently lead her to be impressed by you without you talking to her.

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