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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Five little things men like but won't tell you

Men are basically simple creatures. There are some very little, almost insignificant things that some ladies overlook when it comes to enticing men, little things that they forego in lieu of the popular ploys like wearing short dresses and plenty of makeup. What if I tell you that there are simple, basic things that can prove equally as seductive-or even more?
Smelling nice
This is actually quite underrated. Smelling nice makes you instantly attractive, no matter what you are wearing. Invest in a good deodorant and a nice, light body spray (not the kind that chokes everyone around you) and see your sex appeal increase.
Good teeth/breath
Do not leave the house without brushing your teeth. No one, especially not the opposite sex, wants to have a prolonged conversation with someone with a stinky mouth or a film of oil over their teeth. Brush twice daily and invest in a good mouthwash for after meals. Don’t forget to floss too, to remove those disgusting pieces of meat that cause bad breath from in between your teeth.
Minimalistic make-up
Instead of several layers of thick makeup that make you look like someone else and completely masks your true face, learn to minimalize your makeup. It should enhance your natural features and not erase them. Focus more on your eyes and lips for a simple but beguiling look, and use colors appropriate for the occasion.
Nice mani/pedi
Well-groomed nails are attractive, so make sure that your hands and feet are always clean, and if that’s your style, painted. There is something very eye-catching and attractive about beautifully manicured hands and pedicured feet.

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