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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Common mistakes married women make before and after childbirth

Due to all the stages a woman has to go through after being married, keeping her man, loving him, building her home, having kids and all. Some end up being a shadow of the person they were before marriage. Here are some common mistakes peculiar to married women.

Starving their man sex

You say you’re not in the mood for it, fine. But keep in mind that there are billions of ladies out there more than willing to give your man sexual satisfaction! So even if you’re too wiped out to make love to your husband, let him cuddle and feel loved rather than shunning him completely.


Financial issues could turn a woman into a nagging wife overnight and that is when she disrespects her spouse and looks down on the man because he isn’t all buoyant financially. Rather than doing this you should pool resources together and support your man through what he’s going through, putting your wedding vows to play.

Transferring aggression to the kids

This is rampant in most homes! Rather than addressing the cause of their bitter mood, they direct their anger onto their kids and make things difficult for them. This wouldn’t help matters at all; it would only make the home a battlefield for the entire family. Parents, especially mothers should be a good example for their kids, and controlling their tempers and moods is one step towards doing that.

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