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Monday, 25 December 2017

3 Types of people you should stay away from

We, humans, are social creatures by heart and on a daily basis we mingle and interact with various people. Starting from our family, close friends, neighbors, coworkers, roommates, etc., the list goes on and on. The people we meet have a huge impact on our productivity, they either inspire us to achieve greatness or drain us of all positive energy!

Toxic people are those ones who come into your life and fill it up with their negativities and bad behavior and instead of improving the quality of your life they end up ruining you entirely. This is why you should identify the negative people in your life and turn away from them completely.

Fault finders

They never share in your happiness or achievements; all they do is point out your mistakes and imperfections. They are always waiting for you to make a fatal mistake and they rejoice in your misery instead of sympathizing with you and only make things worse for you with their negative words. Steer clear from such individuals instead mingle with people who appreciate your achievements and are willing to add to your progress.


 If a friend of yours find it very convenient to gossip about sensitive issues concerning a family member or mutual friend to you, know that your secrets aren’t safe with her at all. The instant you know a friend of yours has a big mouth, don’t let them in on your private life.

Self-absorbed people 

They call you their friend but when you are in the public you feel more alone than when you are all alone because they don’t really care about connecting with you. You are used as a pawn in their game of building self-esteem and lifting their ego.

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