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Sunday, 22 October 2017

See The 12 Categories Of Nigerian Artistes (See Where Your Favorite Artiste Belongs To)

We have loads of made and
upcoming artists in the Nigerian Music scene.
So your number 1 Music & Entertainment Website “Afrihot” went through and categorized them into the 12 Categorieslisted below.
Let’s Go! 
1. The Ones That Have Become Pornstars
2. The Ones That Did Not Pay Development Fee (Short Ones)
3. The Ones That Have Went From A-List to Upcoming
4. The Ones That Have Never Seen Drake
5. The Ones That Always Brag About Their ‘cassava’
6. The Ones That Forget Their Roots After They Blow
7. The Ones That Are Scared Of Becoming Irrelevant
8. The Ones That Spend More Time At The Salon Than The Studio
9. The Ones That Used People To Blow
10. The Fake Artistes That Won’t Stop Making Noise
11. The Ones Whose Grammy Awards We Are Patiently Awaiting
12. And The Ones That Have Frog Voice
The END!!
Don’t be Shy, Which Category did you Favourtie Nigeria Artiste falls under?
Drop your comments.

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