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Thursday, 12 October 2017

How To Get N500 plus 500mb at N100

Airtel is my favorite network provider when it comes to data plans and other cheap services.. Cos a broke nigga like me need cheap things.. LOL*..
In this post I am going to walk you through on how you can get 500mb plus 500naira to call all networks and browse your favorite sites in Nigeria. The good news is that, this trick works on almost 90percent of Airtel sim cards, so you don't need to worry just count yourself among lucky users. To save time let me just hit the nail on it's head, because here in Afrihot we value our visitors and their time respectively.. Here you go!
How Can I Subscribe To this Insane Offer?
To subscribe simply, get a fresh Airtel sim (both old and new)
•Buy recharge card of N100 or above and dial
*220*CardPin#... Studying the table below will give you more info how it works..
100 = 500mb + 500naira
200 = 1000mb + 1000naira
3000 = 1500mb + 1500naira
500 = 3000mb + 3000naira... 
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