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Sunday, 22 October 2017

3 sure internet money machines you need to start making money

First off, you might find holes in my grammar and whole construction of the English language. I have never
been to the inside of a higher institution, much less graduate from one. In fact, I didn't pass my WAEC. I find myself unschooled, just privileged. Please bear with me.
Wikipedia's definition of Financial Independence or Financial Freedom goes thus: Financial independence is generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.
These 3 things I do and they are sure making me good income, and now I am financially free.
Before you continue reading, have in mind that these three Internet Money Making programs (a) are not some 'get rich quick schemes' (b) require very little or no start-up capital. You have almost nothing to lose (c)are what I have been doing for more than 6 years to make money (d)many of my protégés and friends are making enough money doing the same things.
1. Buying and Selling of Domain Names: You buy a domain name for as low as 10USD and sell for as much as...you can imagine. I mean you can sell for up to 500USD, 1000USD, 10,000USD, even higher. I will show you how.
2. Blogging/Google Adsense/Traffic Generation: Let's not talk about Linda Ikeji, there are bloggers you have never heard of in Nigeria who make more than N1m monthly...I will tell you how they do it and how you can make even more than them.
3. Building websites with Wordpress:I make over 100k monthly designing websites for people using wordpress. I have made over 700k this year alone. The good news is that wordpress is the easiest platform to build a website, you only need the technical know-how. Don't worry, I will teach you, and it’s not hard.
Let's hit the nail on the head.
The first Domain name I ever sold,www.dataaccelerator.com was registered for just $10 dollars and I sold it later for $500 to a UK Company, that's a whopping 5000% return on investment. It became an eye opener for me. My most recent domain sales this year are electronicspool.com(Sold for $3,500), dailyfeeders.com($2,700), topdiytools.com(Sold for $800)
I have received testimonies from some of my protégés who even sold much higher than that. Some of them sold their domains for as much as $6k, 5k, $4k etc. You too can become the next millionaire buying and reselling domain names.
I got a testimony from a guy onetime who contacted me from Nairaland telling me how he followed my advice, sold his domain for $280 in less than two months of registering. See screenshot of his email below:
The very interesting thing about domain business is that after registering a domain, you can make daily income with it before eventually selling it off, it is called 'Domain Parking'. In fact, some people decide not to sell, they are very okay with the daily profits. With this, you will get back the money you spent registering it and have lots more left to enjoy.
Domain Names Best Seller List:
sex.com was sold for $13m Bought by Clover Holdings Limited
hotels.com was sold for $11m. Bought by GP LLC
diamond.com was sold for $7.5m Bought by ATTN DIAMOND.COM
and many many more
Other Lesser Sales:
marketingtoday.com was sold for $1.5m. Bought by DeLegge, Peter
personalloans.com was sold for $1m
forsalebyowner.com was sold for $835k. Bought by Jones, Christie
ebola.com was recently sold for $200k, plus shares in the company. Bought by Weed Growth Fund
and many many more.
I will teach you how to come up with a marketable/buyable domain names, how to register a domain name, how to find and register expired domains, how to make money with your domain names on a daily basis before eventually selling them off, how and where to quickly get buyers for your domain names.
Since the day Linda Ikeji posted photos of her 700m Naira house in Banana Island, at least 300 people in Nigeria have started their own blogs. I have personally received from that time more than 30 emails from people, females mostly who want to own a blog. Sadly, many of these about 300 people have not made a dime, and even more sadly will never make a kobo, let them blog from now till the Lord's second coming. In fact most of them have abandoned their blogs. Why? They don't know how. Making money is not just about opening a gmail account, creating a new blog, start copying posts everywhere or even write your posts..naaaah! its more than that.
Becoming a successful blogger is identifying what the people want and giving it to them, reaching out to your targeted audience, getting people to fall in love with you and your blog, and most importantly generate huge traffic to your blog every day. And the good news is that it's not that hard if you know how. Who said you can't be the next Linda Ikeji? Okay, okay, you dont have to be Linda Ikeji, you can be you and still become a multi millionaire by blogging.
I have multiple Facebook groups and pages totaling over 1.5m members. I have used this groups and pages to get lots of traffic for myself and other upcoming bloggers. In fact people pay me to help them stick their posts in the groups and pages. I will show you how I did it. I have blogs from which I was making money via Google Adsense and direct advert. I have since paused blogging because it was really time consuming and I needed to focus on my Film Making program. I am learning to become a Film Maker.
The last two payments I received from google (before I paused blogging) in September and October 2014 was 582USD and 609USD respectively. Tell me, how many people in Nigeria receive up to these amounts as monthly as salary? Below is the google payment screenshot from my Gtbank Online Banking in my Domiciliary(Dollar) account:
I will teach you how to open a blog, how to design your blog, how to create/generate good and unique content on your blog, how to get enough Facebook likes and twitter followers, how to create and have more than 50k members on your Facebook group within three months and use it to your own advantage, how to make people fall in love with your blog and get them coming everyday like their lives depend on it, how to generate heavy traffic (One of my friends call me 'The Traffic Machine'), and how to easily get Google Adsense and avoid getting banned, how to get direct advert on your blog, how to receive your money here in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.
Do you know you can build websites like konga.com, bellanaija.com, naij.com, olx.com etc with wordpress? There are ready made wordpress templates that will fit into whatever you want. You can build websites for multinational companies, organizations, government, schools, churches, NGOs etc and get paid really well. I charge minimum of 70k per website. And do you know that you can learn to use wordpress in one week? This means that you can become a professional website designer in one week.
Wordpress platform is like a ready-made website, host it, just edit it and put it up for the whole world to see. You do not need to go through the rigorous learning of HTML, JavaScript and the likes.
Notable websites built with wordpress: Beyonce's official website, Snoop Dog's official website, BBC America, MTV News, Sony Music, Ebay's blog, Vanguard Nigeria, Punch Nigeria etc.
I have built over 50 websites using wordpress. Few of the most recent websites I built with wordpress are: maximaproductions.com, viewschannel.com, factflyers.com, youronestopservice, youronestopkitchen.com etc. I have 3 I am currently working on as I type these lines. You can visit these websites, scroll down to the footer, you will see "Developed by La Tellisco''.
Apart from earning countless thousands as a web developer, you can also build a big web business like Jumia, Nairaland, Naij or olx and become your own boss. Do you know that these guys are multi millionaires? I am launching something big very soon, watch out.
I will teach you everything you need to know about building a website with wordpress from scratch: what is wordpress, how to host a website, how to install wordpress on your hosting server, how to get dynamic and beautiful wordpress templates and how to edit them. In one week, you should be able to call yourself a web developer...Yeah, I will also teach you how to get clients. With my techniques, people will beg you to develop their websites. Always visit this blog to meet my fresh articles on online businesses.

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