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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Have you been blocked by a friend on whatsapp? See how you can unblock yourself

Its annoying when some one blocks you on WhatsApp so
that you will never send any message to him or her, or
even to know when his online or offline.

Am happy to let you know that you can unlock
yourself if someone block your own whatsapp but first you
need to be sure that you have been blocked.

How to know if your are blocked:
Usually when someone blocks you on whatsapp you will
stop seeing that persons status and your message will
never be delivered to that person.

How to unblock yourself when someone blocks you on

Now let me show you how you can actually unblock your
whatsapp profile when someone blocks you, all you need
to do is to follow this simple steps blew:

1 As i said earlier firstly Check If Your Friend’s Profile
Picture or Last Seen or Whatsapp Status Are Visible To
You or Not, And If Not Then You Are Blocked then you need
to open Your Whatsapp Messenger

2 Now you will need to goto your whatsapp Settings and
Click On Account to delete your whatsapp account (Don't
worry you will still get your account back)

3 After following the above steps its time to enter Your
Mobile Number And Delete Your Account after that goto
your mobile phone application menu and Uninstall the
installed whatsapp.

4 After Uninstalling the whatsapp from your phone then
restart Your Mobile phone and all the old data will be

5. Download and install Whatsapp again and fill your
Mobile phone Number and other required details, after that
connect your whatsapp again and you are unblocked from
anybody that blocked your Whatsapp Account.

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