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Monday, 29 August 2016

why you should go for a Nigerian hosting company

Starting a blog with a Nigerian host

There are so many domain hosting companies in Nigeria. The popular and reputed one among them being web4Africa and DomainKing as per my research. Though a lot of professional blogger do not recommend using a Nigerian host probably because of the service they get from foreign ones. But there are still great reasons why you should go for a local host. You can transfer your blog to a foreign one later if you feel you don’t enjoy their services (may be after you have earned a few dollars from blogging).
In the situation where the price of dollar has reached sky scrapper’s height, it is advisable that you go for a Nigerian host than to take the risk of losing more than you expected from your bank balance. (You wouldn’t love to wail in a bank). Currently, any exchange rate stated by your bank is just a theory that is never practiced. Because, they will sell you dollar for N350 and not that N285 stated on their board. So it is better to go for a local host where you pay in Naira than going for a foreign one.
Secondly, it is a simple patriotic attitude to patronize local goods/services. Like Ben Bruce would say; “Buy 9ja to grow 9ja”. Naira is losing its value on daily bases, not because of bad government policy but because of the bad buying attitude of Nigerians (foreign product patronizers).
You might also have a problem with having to pay with card, but with a local host such web4Africa, you can make payment through the bank. This option is also a good and economical one for those who fear entering their details on third-party websites.

Blogging is a business and every successful business must have a starting strategy aimed at making every single profit available and reducing/terminating any chance of losing. Always note that a small loss at the start of a business can discourage you to a great extent as to dumping the business. So starting with a local host could reduce the risk of losing, but if you are a bit ok and losing a few cash wouldn’t shake your pocket, you can start with a foreign host but remember; every hosting company has one or two, or more limitations.
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