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Saturday, 20 August 2016

How to add a wordpress plugin

Plugins are very important tools in WordPress. Each plugin is developed for a particular function an they can be used to extend WordPress to do carry out some functionalities which wordpress carry out ordinarily. It may interest you to know that WordPress registers more than 20k official plugins which you can download it from WordPress official site. Just search there what you want or imagine for your site. there is different tags available choose what you want and download Its all Free! This tutorial is aimed at taking you through how to install plugins to your wordpress site

To install a plugin, First of all, you will have to log in to your WordPress site.
From you dashboard, select plugin
Click on the "Add new" option
install wordpress plugin
WordPress provides two options for installing a plugin
Search Plugin By name
Or Manually upload Plugin

After click on add new first your screen display search plugin so if you know any plugin name then write and hit on search. If you don’t know the plugin's name, there are popular tags provided below the "search plugin" text box click on a tag related to the type of function you need. A list of plugins under that tag will be displayed. Look for the exact type you want and click on the "Install Plugin" button
For Example i typed in bbPress in the "search plugin" box and click search. It will provide the list of plugins, click "install now" option and activate the plugin

If you buy premium plugin then you get zip file of plugin. In this situation you'll have to install that plugin manually, WordPress provides option for you to install plugin manually by uploading feature.
Select "upload" option just by the right of the "search plugin" option
Upload plugin
Upload your zip plugin file and click install and Activate plugin.
Note: WordPress automatically unzip file and install the  plugin.
Below are some free Plugins list which could help you to improve your WordPress blog's functionality!
bbPress(for creating forums)
BuddyPress (suitable if you are looking forward to creating an interactive site; a social platform)
Table Press (For making tables)
s2Member (for membership; suitable if you are providing an online class)
Google analytics (if you want to keep track of your sites activity)
Limit Login Attempts
WP Fastest Cache.
There are many others you can  use. It all depends on what you want.

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