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Sunday, 22 April 2018

See the new cobra jet mustang Ford buit for her 50th anniversary

April 22, 2018 0
Ford cobra jet

Ford builds a new Cobra Jet Mustang for its 50th anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, and naturally Ford is building a short run of modern-day Cobra Jet drag cars to celebrate. It's going to build 68 of them (get it?) in either red or white. It's also claimed to be the quickest factory Mustang yet with a quarter-mile time in the mid-8-second range and a trap speed of over 150 mph. Technically, the 2016 model was claimed to have an 8-second quarter-mile time as well, but presumably it was a high 8-second time (i.e. 8.9 seconds vs. 8.5 seconds). 
All this speed comes courtesy of a supercharged Coyote V8. But for 2018, it's bigger than the old one. Ford added 200 cc for a total of 5.2 liters of displacement. The Cobra Jet also loses the production Mustang's independent rear suspension in favor of a Ford 9-inch rear axle and four-link suspension. 
The Cobra Jet is ready for competition with an NHRA-certified roll cage and FIA-certified racing seats. This means that straight from the factory it can legally race in NHRA-sanctioned events — unlike a certain high-powered Dodge. But unlike the Dodge, you can't drive a 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet on the street because it doesn't come with a VIN and can't be registered. Still we doubt that will keep Ford from selling every Cobra Jet it builds. Pricing hasn't been released yet, but the 2016 model went for just shy of $100,000, and we'd expect similar pricing for this version.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Things that will happen before you the right man

April 21, 2018 0
Mr. Right

7 things that can happen before you find Mr Right

Are you still searching for Mr Right? Starting to wonder what needs to happen first before he comes along? Well first up, remember that, in this situation, several wrongs will eventually make a right. Every relationship that doesn’t quite work out is that one step closer to one that will.
The trick is to learn from each one of those ‘practice’ relationships and here are a few of the things that you might need to change along the way:
1. Wondering how to meet new people…
You can meet Mr Right in the most unexpected of places. Start socializing more, and not just for the express intention of meeting a guy. If you get out more and expand your social circle, you never know who you might bump into.
2. Honing the look
We can’t all look like supermodels but we can dress in ways which will flatter our shape and make us feel good at the same time. There’s a fine line though between attractive and overly provocative. You want to attract a man who is looking for a serious relationship, not just a one night stand, right?!
3. Toning down the attitude
Confidence is attractive, arrogance is distinctly off putting. You might find that overconfidence is scaring off the best guys and only attracting the wrong type of attention.
4. Lowering your sights a little
If you think Mr Right has to be Mr Perfect, then you might be waiting for quite a while. You don’t need to throw out your Mr Right checklist, but changing your scoring requirements from ten out of ten to perhaps eight or nine out of ten might help.
5. Calming down
You might have to learn to calm down a bit and take your time; he’s out there somewhere and you will find him, but men can spot desperation a mile off and they’ll take every advantage of it that they can. Be aware!
6. Start looking a bit closer to home
Have you considered that Mr Right might already be in your life? You don’t have to find a man on a dating site or at a singles bar, even though these things also work at times; it could also be someone that you already know but you just haven’t thought about them in that way before. Consider. Think. Brainstorm. Listen to your heart…
7. Retain your self-respect
Mr Right will probably have no hesitation popping into bed with you on the first night, if you give him that chance, but Mr Rights tend, in the long run, to be put off form forming long term relationships with you if you do so. Make him wait, you’re worth it!
Even if you have some bumps on the road of finding your true love, continue to believe in happy fairy tales. True love does exist and if you have enough patience and won’t lose your faith because of multiple disappointments, Mr Right will enter your world. Be patient, be happy, smile often and love yourself.

Listen to Strong by Moszino ft Mr Rahim and Simeon Daniels in support of Cee C; BBnaija

April 21, 2018 0
Team Cee C, here is a new anthem for the near victory. With lovely songs like this coming up in support of the BBNaija mate, I think she's definitely up for a win. This one comes all the way from these Igala stars and its a very lovely song. Just check it out
                      Start download

Friday, 20 April 2018

How to buy cheap mtn data with 3months validity

April 20, 2018 0
How to buy cheap mtn data with 3months validity


In a bid to make internet affordable and available for everyone, we are happy to announce to you that you can now buy the cheapest MTN Data Plan from us at Afrihot and it also come with 90days validity. Yes, our data bundle are legit and it works with all kind of devices like Android, PC/Laptop, iOS, Blackberry 10, Modem, MiFi, smart TV's, smart watch and many others. 
MTN Data Price Via Bank
500MB For N350
1GB for N650
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3GB for N1700
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5GB for N2900

MTN Data Price via Recharge Card
500MB For N400
1GB for N700
2GB for N1,300
3GB for N1800
4GB for N2400
5GB for N3000
How To Check My Data Balance?
To check data balance dial*461*6#
Method Of Payment?
Payments Through Bank Transfer: Send your bank transfer to Bank Name: GTB Bank,Account Name: Suleiman Hassan Ogwu, Account Number: 0229977353, Account Type: Savings. After payment, send proof of payment and the number to receive the data to 08146783751. Your data will be sent to your line within 5mins.
Payments Through Recharge Card: Send your MTN airtime together with the number to receive the data to 08146783751
Your data will be sent to you within 5mins.
You can also WhatsApp/Call:08173734263/08146783751
Note: Verify your number before sending it to us. The data is not reversible if you supply the wrong number
So, what are you waiting for? Make your order now!!!

Transitions of falling in love, ten stages of a relationship

April 20, 2018 0
Love transition

10 Stages Of Falling In Love You Need To Know About

Love is a wonderful topic, and one we like to talk about often. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the ten stages of falling in love you need to know about.
Love happens
How amazing is love? When you feel your heart beat a little faster each time you think of him, you know you’re in love. When you get a tingle running down your spine when he smiles at you, you know you’re in love.
There are many signs, and being in love is the best feeling ever. There is nothing else quite like it.
But what do the stages of love look like?
Love isn’t something that just happen. You don’t wake up one morning with a melted heart after going to bed with a heart of stone. It happens in stages. It’s a process – an amazing process that the two of you go through together.
If you’re feeling all fuzzy and loved-up at the moment, let’s take a look at the 10 stages of falling in love you need to know about.
Physical Attraction
Before anything else, there has to be physical attraction. If you don’t fancy the other person, love can never blossom. The way they flash their smile at you, the way their eyes twinkle at night, and the way they carry themselves as they walk must all make you gooey at the knees. Being physically attracted to someone doesn’t make anyone superficial. It’s the first stage of love. We must like the way someone looks before we pursue them, getting to know them and truly falling for them.
Moreover, the way someone looks is the first thing we notice. They might not have even opened their mouths, and already we’re hooked.
A lot of people make the mistake of rushing into the first date, before wondering why the date didn’t work out. It didn’t work out because there was probably no spark. And there was no spark because you weren’t yet friends who were on the level.
One of stages of falling in love is friendship. This is the part where you break the ice, get to know each other, and start properly bantering. The teasing begins, the fun starts – and so do the more serious questions. You get to understand how one another works, what makes you both tick, and what your goals are.
It’s only after you’ve been friends for a while and feel comfortable with each other that you can truly take things forward.
The Connect
Ever been on a date with someone and not felt any connection? It happens. You can hang out as friends just fine, but there’s no romantic synergy. You just can’t see you getting to know this person intimately. You can’t see you holding them at night, sleeping with them, and living with them.
There are many ways we connect with our lover. We connect with shared values, beliefs, ideas and mindsets. We also connect spiritually, philosophically, and in terms of our sense of humour.
Finding a connection with your potential partner is the third stage of falling in love.
The First Date
After the two of you have realise there is a connection, the next step is to head out onto that nerve-wracking first date.
Sure, you’ll both be nervous as heck. You might even be feeling some pressure to impress the other person (youwill be feeling the pressure). But the first date is officially the first time you guys lock eyes and realise there is possibly more than just a spark – there is true love. Read this post: Things you should do on a first date
Spending Time With Them
Once the nervy first date is out of the way, it’s time to start spending some quality time with them. Perhaps you’ll take trips together, go on weekend outings together, and most likely get intimate.
This is one of those stages of falling in love, when you’ll certainly be seeing a lot of each other, as you get to know one another like the back of your hands. It’s during this time where you’ll likely have deeper conversations, uncovering each other’s thoughts on parenthood, marriage and careers.
Literally Doing Everything Together
There isn’t anything you don’tdo together at this point. You spend every spare moment you can with them, hanging out at their place, sleeping over, even heading to work from there. You can’t get enough of them, and they’ve become your number one priority. Your friends ask if you have any plans for the weekend, and the first thing you do is ask your partner “Do we?”
Everything revolves around them now. Not only do you not have any alone time, but you don’t really want any.
Spending Time With Their Family
You’ve possibly already met their family before now. But as the relationship progresses and you fall ever more in love, you find yourself hanging out with each others’ family more often. You eat dinner with them on Sundays, spend evenings playing games, and bond with their mom or dad.
Maybe you even get to know their extended family, and find yourself offering to help uncle’s and aunty’s who could do with your advice. And you love it all!
And before you know it, their mom and dad are coming on holiday with you!
You Become More Open
As you feel yourself falling in love with this person, you become more open. You say things that you’d normally keep to yourself, revealing your emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities. You trust this person and have no problem being honest with them. You want to tell them everything, keeping nothing hidden from them.
They reciprocate, too, trusting you with their soul. This is another one of important stages of falling in love.
You Feel It From Them
You know when you just feelthe love from another person? It’s an amazing feeling, and it confirms that you were right to pursue them. The two of you were made for each other. They’re your soul mate and they feel exactly the same as you do.
“I Love You”
This is one of the most beautiful stages of falling in love. Finally, one of you says those three magic words. It doesn’t matter where they’re said, or even if they’re said via text messages. All that matters is that they’re said, and that you’re both madly in love with one another.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

How to know if you are in love

April 19, 2018 0
Know you are in love

10 Tips On How To Know If You Are Really In Love Or Not

Love is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. But how do we know if we’re in love, or if we’re just temporarily infatuated? Moreover, what’s the difference between love and lust? In this article, Beauty and Tips offers you 10 tips on how to know if you really are in love or not.
When you were younger, you probably dreamed about what it would be like to fall in love with a man. Your heart fluttered, you occasionally lost your breath, and you couldn’t stop smiling. It was an amazing feeling.
Being in love is an amazing feeling. It’s a feeling that’s beyond description. Its exciting beyond belief – but it’s also scary and nerve-wracking.
If you think you might be in love for the first time and can’t work out your feelings, here are 10 tips to help you decide.
The Best Part Of Your Day Is Seeing Them
All of a sudden, totally out of the blue, the man in your life is now the best part of your day.
You can’t even remember what used to be the best part of your day!
“Catching up on Netflix? Was that really the best part of my day?!”
If things have gotten to the point where you spend the day looking forward to seeing him again, it’s a pretty strong sign that you’ve fallen in love.
Believe us, it takes someone special to make us look forward to seeing them so much.
You Really Miss Him
You for real miss him.
Like, not even just a tiny bit. Like, if you don’t see him soon you could literally break down in tears.
When you’re alone, it’s always much worse. And even when you’re out and about with your friend you wish he was there with you instead. You stare menacingly at your friend with a sort of “Why can’t you be him??!” expression.
He’s your favourite person now. It must be love.
You’re Comfortable Enough To Be Yourself
Remember when you two first started dating? There were certain rules of etiquette that you had to abide by. You didn’t like restaurant he took you to, but you put up with it because it was his fav place. You didn’t want to ply yourself with makeup when he popped over for five minutes, but you did so because you didn’t want him to see you natural.
Now that you’re falling in love with him, you’re so comfortable that you no longer care about these hangups. Who cares if it’s his fav place to eat?
“It totally sucks!”
“But it’s okay to tell you that because I love you.”
And who cares if he sees you without makeup or in your slacks? You’re so comfortable around him that you can be yourself.
You Think About Them First
Do you wake up in the morning and think about them before anyone (or anything) else?
Are they always the first person on your mind when you decide what your plans are for the day?
Once a person has positioned themselves at the top of the queue in our minds, it’s a strong sign that we have strong feelings for them.
Imagine if someone said to you that you’re the first person they think of when they wake up each day? It means one thing – they’ve totally fallen for you!
You Want To Make Him A Playlist
Let’s face it, the only people we ever make a playlist for are pen-pals are the people we’re in love with. If you want him to hear the music you love to bits, it’s a sign that you love him to bits, too.
Careful, though. Handing him a playlist is just like telling him you love him.
You Want The Whole World To Know About Him
You just want to shout from the rooftops that he’s amazing and you can’t believe he’s in your life. You want everyone to know about him. You love the way he thinks, the way he acts, his smile, his laugh … you love it all and wish everyone could appreciate him the way you do.
You literally love his family, from his adorable niece (who is also now your niece) to his beloved, weird grandmother who says the most inappropriate things.
You even think his dad is charming, and love his quirks, such as the way he burps randomly at the dinner table. If you didn’t love your man, those burps would really be an issue!
You love his family and want to get to know them. You also want your man to get to know your family.
You Put Them First
We put family and close friends first. Even if we’re busy and can’t really afford to give up any of our time, we give it up if a family member or a close friend needs our help. They become our number on priority.
If the guy in your life is your number one priority regardless of how busy you are or not, it could be a sign that you’re in love with him.
Let’s see the weekend is coming up. You don’t want to make too many plans just in case he calls you up.
Or let’s say you’ve made plans and he calls you up. If you’re prepared to actually break plans with other people and see him instead, it might mean you love him.
That’s definitely what your friends who you have to let down by cancelling will be thinking!
You No Longer Need To Text All The Time
When we first start dating someone we really like, there’s a compulsion to text all the time. We can come across as a bit needy or even despite.
Now, though, you’re relaxed about texting. You don’t need to hear from them every single minute. You’ve got their voice inside your head, and you know you’ll see them again soon.
Nothing He Does Grosses You Out
He could pour ketchup all over his face in the restaurant and it wouldn’t gross you out.
He could go three days without showering and it wouldn’t gross you out.
Now that you've known your status, it's time you know his too, read How to know if he loves you too

Top ways to show your boyfriend that you love him

April 19, 2018 0
Top ways to show your boyfriend that you love him


If you want to show your boyfriend how much you love him, you don’t necessarily need to spend a load of cash; there are lots of ways you can show him love through simple, little gestures that will really count. In fact, often it’s the little, cute things that you do for him, that he really appreciates the most. Those are the things that make you who are and these are the things that make him love you, even more. Please do read our post on what men secretly expects in a relation but most ladies dont know So here is a collection of 8 things that you can do for your guy, just because you love him:
1. Just tell him!
You can’t get any cuter and sweeter than this: just take his hands in yours, look straight into his eyes and ask him: ‘Do you know how much I love you?’
Recommended: If he say he loves you more, here is a collection of sweet replies you should give
2. Bake him a cake or cook something special for him
How to show your boyfriend that you love him? Straight to his heart through his stomach, bake him a cake or cook something tasty and put a bit of effort to into it by decorating it with a message just for him, like ILY or LOVE and he will love all the trouble that you have gone to for him. It’s such a personal thing, when you have made it all yourself, so don’t cheat by getting one from the store.
3. Make him a CD
It might be something that you did for your sweetheart at school, but there is no reason not to do it now. Make up a special CD for him with all his favourite tracks and some that are special just to the two of you. He can take it with him in his car and enjoy those special memories, wherever he goes.
4. Leave him a love letter
When was the last time you wrote to your guy? So, he may be around you every day, but writing down how you feel can really help express your love even better, than the spoken word. Take your time and turn your feelings into a poem and leave it somewhere he will find it first thing in the morning, perhaps in his car or tucked into his briefcase.
5. Buy him a gift, for no reason whatsoever
It doesn’t need to be Christmas to get him a gift. Buy your guy his favourite aftershave, a shirt, a tie or something that you know that he will appreciate, and wrap it up too; it’s all about showing him your love and care.
6. Surprise him at work with a picnic
How to show your boyfriend that you love him? Get him out of the office for a while by turning up unannounced at lunchtime with a picnic hamper, filled with all his favourites. Take a trip to the park and just sit in the sun together, a simple and loving way to break up his day and let him know how much you love him and care.
7. DIY gift
A do-it-yourself gift will mean a lot more to him, than a store bought one, so put your artistic talents to use and make him a gift. If your arts and crafts skills are a little rusty, then take a course, secretly, just so you can make him a gift, that will really show your love.
8. Become his hot date
Another way to show your boyfriend how much you love him is to continue to care about yourself, even after you’ve been together for a while and even after you’ve got married. Your boyfriend loves you for who you are and not for the things you give him; he loves your soul, he loves your character and he loves your body; so make sure to spend quality time together and go on romantic dates regularly; pamper yourself, get your nails and hair in order, wear pretty clothes and become his hot date! He will like it!

How do you show love to your partner? Please, share your tips and love advice in the comments section below.