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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Things people ignore when they fall in love

May 17, 2018 0
Things people ignore when they fall in love

Love looks A LOT different when that “romance high” wears off.

Shakespeare famously wrote about the experience of being “blinded by love” in three of his plays to caution audiences about the slippery nature of ignoring the faults of those we adore.

It turns out, The Bard was onto something. Science tell us that love does perform a bit of trickery on our minds, especially in the beginning of a relationship when we’re flooded with a powerful cocktail of chemicals that mimic the experience of being high on cocaine.

We feel “high on love’ … because we literally are! 

In The Merchant of Venice (Act 2, Scene 6), Shakespeare writes: But love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.”  Or, in modern translation: “But love is blind, and lovers can’t see the silly things they do around each other.”

As we fall in love, doing whatever it takes to ensnare our beloved becomes fair game.

We put on our best attitude, behavior and efforts to encourage that special someone to fall in love with us. We aim to impress and we want their love in return.

But the cold hard fact is — much of this “wooing” behavior stops once the relationship is established. Therefore, who you meet (and fell in love with) at the beginning isn’t always the person he or she really is on the inside. To meet that true version of your partner, you have to stick around long enough for the romantic chemicals to wear off.

And the “love drug” euphoria is not long lived. Research tells us that 18 months to 3 years after a relationship has begun, it wears off.

What sustains a relationship at that point are the shared feelings of love, trust, friendship and sexual connection that are not chemically induced, but rather, genuinely felt. From that time forward, our feelings for our partner are led by the complicated relational elements that tie us together.

In other words, we’re left to judge our partner based solely on his or her actions.

And this is when things can get tricky because promises of love can only take us so far if they’re not also uplifted by the chemicals in our brain. Facing this time in a relationship (and truly seeing each other clearly, often for the first time) is very hard on many couples.

In the light of reality, if their shared expectations and dreams for a future together don’t line up, many couples believe that’s the signal they should breakup.

Being blinded by love caused them to willingly ignore signs along the way that they weren’t truly an ideal match or that aspects of their relationship didn’t work well.

Consider this:

What IF your partner has traits or flaws that aren’t in your best interest?What IF your partner behaves in ways that might harm your ability to reach your life goals?What IF your partner isn’t the person he or she claimed to be during the wooing phase of your relationship?

All too often, couples take the BIG leap into living together or getting married during these chemical induced years. For example, it’s not uncommon for engagements to happen two to three years after couples start dating.

Making major decisions like that becomes more challenging when you’re suddenly faced with your partner’s real flaws. Choosing to remain blind to that reality doesn’t ultimately serve you. What was once a smartly-turned “blind eye” can now lead you down the path of relationship disaster if you don’t find the courage to face your life, your choices, and your partner honestly.

Considering that we all eventually experience this sobering up from the “love high” in our relationships, we wanted to bring the topic to our Experts to discuss the price we pay when we choose to stay blind to qualities/traits in our partner … at the start of a relationship, and further in.

Our panel is made up of anthropologist and research scientist, Dr. Helen Fisher. Helen has written extensively on the science of the brain in love, and for this discussion, she is joined by host and YourTango Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman, behavioral analyst Steven Sisler, divorce coach Kimberly Mishkin and author Cathleen Miller.

Understanding the power of being “blinded by love” can really open your eyes to why you’ve made silly decisions about a mate in the past. Watch the video above for tips on how to make sure you’re finally seeing clearly when it comes to making decisions about matters of the heart.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Never say these things to your boyfriend

May 03, 2018 0
Never say these things to your boyfriend

On the whole, guys are pretty easy going and most comments made in their direction are just so much water off a duck’s back to them. But, every so often, you can come out something that really hurts them, and you don’t even know what it is that you’ve said wrong. Here are ten of those things that you should never say to your boyfriend, if you don’t want to hurt him or put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

1. “You’re just a little boy”

Number one on the list of things that will bring a man to his knees is suggesting that he’s not a man at all. Don’t even joke about this one, because his ego may never recover from it.

2. “You’ve never been all that good in bed”

Another one of things not to say to your boyfriend is that he has never been all that good in bed. No jokes about size or skills in the bedroom department either, because that will deflate him even further! You don’t have to pretend that he’s the best thing since the Kama Sutra, but when he does need a bit of help, guide him gently with encouraging words, not blunt criticism.

3. “You’d know that, if you really loved me”

If you want to really infuriate a man, then tell him he doesn’t care enough to be able to read your subtle hints. Good guys will always do their best to pick up on your moods and the little hidden messages that you give, but they simply aren’t very good at it!

4. “We need to talk”

This simple phrase is also included on our list of things not to say to your boyfriend, and it will have most guys in a complete state of panic. Don’t leave him thinking that he’s done something terribly wrong or wondering if you are about to pack your bags, put him out of his misery or, at least, let him know that it’s not as serious as it sounds.

5. “I promised not to tell anyone, but….”

He might think that, if you share a secret with him, then that is a sign of how much you trust him. He might, however, also not be impressed by the fact that you can’t keep a secret and begin to wonder what you tell your friends about him. More likely, though, he will just yawn and think: ‘Oh no, not more boring gossip’.

6. “I don’t want you hanging out with those guys”

There’s every chance that he has known his friends a lot longer than he has known you, so never ask him to make that choice! If you don’t like his friends, then you don’t have to hang out with them but, don’t ask your boyfriend to dump them.

7. “I met this really great guy, you should get to know him too”

This is another one of things not to say to your boyfriend. A man likes to choose his own friends, so don’t think that you can do that for him. Also, your boyfriend’s mind will be spinning with questions and doubt, if you say that you have met a great guy. If this new guy is really great, where does that leave your boyfriend?

8. “I forbid it!”

Try a slightly more tactful approach, if you really don’t want your man to do something.  Tell him that you are uncomfortable with him doing it, or that you would rather like that he didn’t do it. Telling him outright that he is not allowed to it, will only make him want to do it all the more.

9. “What’s bugging you?”

If a man is being quiet, then he is being quiet for a reason. Sometimes guys don’t like talking about what’s on their mind, and he will get annoyed if you keep on asking him about it. Leave it for now, and either he’ll work it out by himself, or he will tell you about it, when he’s good and ready.

10. “Hey, you’ve got a little bald patch coming!”

This is another example of things not to say to your boyfriend. Even though most men’s hair does thin, in time, your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear the announcement that you’ve spotted that little thinning patch at the back of his head. Let him find out for himself later on, or you will make it seem like a bigger deal to you than it really is.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Dehydration of dry skin, how to prevent it

May 02, 2018 0
Dehydration of dry skin, how to prevent it

Ten ways to prevent dry skin from dehydration?

Many people think that dry skin and dehydrated skin are the same things, but they are two totally different skin conditions. Dry skin occurs when there is not enough natural oil present in the skin and it is usually persistent problem. Dehydrated skin, however, tends to come and go, and it is when the skin lacks moisture under the surface of the skin. A good way to look at the difference between the two is that dry skin is a skin type whereas dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition. If your skin is dehydrated, it will feel tight and look rough on the surface. If this keeps happening to your skin, here are ten ways that you can prevent your skin dehydrating.

1. Go easy with exfoliating

If your skin becomes dehydrated, it may have been caused by the product that you are using for exfoliation. Switch from using harsh, chemical based scrubs to more natural exfoliators, like olive oil and ground coffee. Try cutting down how often you exfoliate and be gentle when you do exfoliate; massage your skin gently in circular motions, instead of rubbing it harshly.

2. Stay out of the pool

One of the common reasons that people’s skin gets dehydrated is that they go swimming in chlorinated swimming pools too often. The chlorine in pools is very harsh on your skin and, if you spend a lot a time swimming in it, it will dehydrate your skin and leave it feeling tight and dry. If you think that’s what’s happening to you, sorry, but the only way to avoid it is to cut down the amount of time you spend in the pool.

3. Wrap up in the cold weather

Cold, dry winter winds can quickly dehydrate your skin, so wrap up warm when you go outdoors in the winter. Some people are more prone to skin dehydration than others so, if you do tend to get dry, chapped hands in the winter, wear gloves whenever you go out. Start covering up as soon the weather turns cold, don’t leave it until you already have dried out skin.

4. Use a humidifier at home

The central heating in your home can dry out the air, and that could be what is causing your dehydrated skin. The easiest way to remedy this is to invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. That will put some of the moisture back into the air and help stop your skin drying out. You might want to consider turning the temperature setting on your heating too.

5. Change to gentler soaps

If you are using harsh soaps when you wash, then they will take the moisture of your skin. If your skin feels tight, straight after you have washed your face or taken a shower, try switching to gentle cleanser instead of soap.

6. Don’t use harsh astringents

Because dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things, you can have the situation where your skin is oily and dehydrated at the same time. If your skin feels oily on the surface, but dehydrated underneath, avoid using alcohol based astringents to combat the oiliness, because that will make the dehydration worse. Use a gentle toner instead and, over time, that will help to balance out your skin and reduce both the oiliness and the dehydration.

7. Avoid highly fragranced skin care products

When you are buying any kind of skin care product, look for those that only contain 100% natural, organic ingredients, because they will be much gentler on your skin. If you are prone to dehydrated skin, it would be advisable to steer clear of any products that are highly scented. Fragrances, both natural and synthetic, are quite likely to cause skin dehydration.

8. Stay out of the sun

The sun will dry out your skin, so stay in the shade when you can and always use sunscreen to protect your skin. We all know how the sun can damage skin and cause premature ageing, but unfortunately, if you are prone to skin dehydration, it’s also going to aggravate that condition.

9. Reduce shower time and turn down the heat

When your skin is dehydrated, standing in the shower for a long time might seem like a good idea, but it will make your skin problems worse. Reduce the length of time you spend in the shower and turn down the temperature to lukewarm. Long hot showers will strip moisture out of your skin and it could be one of the reasons that you suffer with dehydrated skin.

10. Moisturise

When your skin is dehydrated underneath, it can feel oily in the surface, but you still need to moisturise. Use an oil free moisturiser after every shower and that will help put some of the moisture back into your skin without making it oilier. If you have very badly dehydrated skin, you could also try using an emulsifying moisturiser, which will lock moisture into your skin.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How to know if someone is falling in love with you

May 01, 2018 0
How to know if someone is falling in love with you

Knowing the signs of someone falling in love can help you figure out if your partner has fallen for you. Sometimes it's not easy to tell how someone feels, because he or she isn't as expressive as you would like. This is why it's important to know what signs to look for to decipher your partner's feelings and know if it's truly love.

The Signs of Someone Falling in Love

People express their feelings in many different ways, so your partner may not exhibit the signs listed here. In this case, you'll simply have to wait until you hear those magical words, "I love you." For people who are better at showing their feelings, the following are typical signs of someone falling in love.

Hangs on to Every Word Spoken

You may notice that your partner is paying more attention to you and listening much more intently than he did in the past. It may seem like he is hanging on to every word that leaves your lips. This means that your partner can't get enough of you and wants to know everything about you. This is a sure sign that he is falling in love with you.

Wants to Spend More Time with You

Again, your partner can't get enough of you and wants to spend every possible minute with you. It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you are together. You may even be surprised to receive a phone call immediately after seeing each other, because she just wants to continue the connection you had.

Tells Everyone About You

When you start dating someone, it's natural to avoid talking about the person too much because you don't know where the relationship will go. However, when you start committing yourself to the relationship, you want others to know how happy you are. You have become so enthralled with the person that you can't stop talking about her. If your partner does this, it's safe to say that he has taken the relationship to the next level.

Shows Thoughtfulness While Away

If your partner has started buying you things or sending you sweet e-mails or texts while you are apart, it means she is thinking of you more often. When you start thinking about someone more frequently, it means you have started liking him more and possibly fallen in love.

Shows Concern

When you love someone, you don't want to see her in pain. When your partner drops everything to be by your side when you are sick or injured, it's likely that his feelings have grown for you.

Is It Love or Something Else

Many times, your partner may exhibit the signs of someone falling in love but may not actually be in love. Instead, your partner may be infatuated with you. Infatuation is a temporary feeling that usually happens in the beginning of a relationship because it's so new. If you are wondering whether your partner is in love with you or just infatuated, take this love or infatuation test.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Romantic ways to apologise to your beloved one

April 30, 2018 0

Romantic ways to say “I'm sorry” to your love one

Am sorry
Want to say you’re sorry, but don’t know the best way to worm your way back into their heart? Take a breather and inform yourself with this piece.
Disagreements and squabbles are an inescapable part of any steady relationship – indeed it is one of the ways that two different personalities try and balance mutual needs and priorities.
However a fight usually leaves a bitter aftertaste which if left to linger on, can cause serious damage to a relationship. So if you are both fuming after a heated exchange or using the silent treatment to drive home a point.
 here are a few romantic ways to say sorry and make up.
5 romantic ways to say “I'm sorry” to your love one
1.Tell him that you love him!
Over and over again, till the  “I love yous” become one huge gigantic “SORRY” and he says, “I love you” back almost as if he’s saying, “It’s okay”!
2. Say it with flowers
Finally what can be a more romantic way of saying sorry than with flowers. Best of all, this idea incorporates a wide range of budget as well as choice of blossoms. You can start from a bouquet of seasonal flowers which are your partner’s favorite and go up to elaborate arrangements of exotic blooms flown in from abroad.
3.A love letter
Few things continue to be as charming and romantic as a hand-written love letter. And when it is a matter of saying sorry, a love letter seems one of the best ways to tell your partner what is in your heart.If you don’t mind composing something longer, you can also list qualities about your partner that you love and why he/she has a special place in your life.
4. Give him his space
Constantly telling someone that you’re sorry doesn’t change anything and can also be really annoying for the other person. So, give him all the space he needs and tell him that you’ll be around when he wants to talk.
5.Taking advantage of social media
Write an apology post on your social media platform if they are equally on it.There are a hundred and one chances of them seeing it what ever was between you two was substantial . The idea of doing this via internet is way easier, but depends on if you do not mind that everyone reads this.